When selling your house, it is always best to step up and prepare it for what potential buyers want—they don’t want to remove wallpaper, even if it is making a comeback.

When you decide to put your house on the market, it is no longer yours. Yes, you think your home is special—and it is. But now, your goal is to make it special for someone else so you can get top dollar. When a potential buyer is comparing a house with wallpaper with a house with no wallpaper, the buyers will choose the house without wallpaper every time.

Outdated wallpaper is even worse as it can cost you thousands of dollars. Painting over wallpaper is obvious and buyers know that this makes it even harder to remove.

Regardless of whether it is new or old, wallpaper is personal to you. Most people aren’t going to like it and even if they do, they know the work that goes into removing it and that is a turnoff for potential buyers.

Remember, you want to appeal to the most potential buyers when you sell your home. The more potential buyers that your home appeals to, the more chances you have at getting a higher offer or even multiple offers.

If you can’t afford to remove the wallpaper, make sure all of the seams are stuck tight to the wall. Sometimes running a damp cloth over the wallpaper will cause the glue to stick again. Otherwise, a small dab of white washable glue—like Elmer’s glue can help. Be sure to clean any dust or spider cobwebs from the top corners as you go.

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